Devoted to all the sane and crazy artists & artisans brave enough to give it a go


I write this with my tongue in cheek while rolling my eyes and sighing deeply . . .

Art shows are wonderful and can bring together a dynamic and eclectic mix of styles, mediums and personalities in one place for a few meteoric days or hours. But, first you have to gather them up! If you are a new start up in art events (like this one) it's wonderful and necessary to have a few brave, trusting souls agree to give you money, time & talent to forge ahead. Enough of them to keep the venue booking from collapsing for starters. This is where you need friends who are artists and a few others who at least know how you are and will take a chance. 

Creating a vision for the event was easy. Trying to explain it was not so as much. Especially the part of dissecting "fine arts & fine crafts/artisans" from crafty shows. A bit more elevated. A bit more elegant. The right venue with ambiance and warm. Lots of parking. Easy access. And openness. 

As the event rolls into the second year (now 2 days) I was fortunate enough to have 60% of last years artists submit again and thus began the call for submissions. For 2.5 months. A few new artists submitted within the first 2 months. Slow. Painful. What is going on . . .  

Being an artist myself and knowing many artists we are a notorious group of "last minuters" - distracted by other things like life & creating. But also: 1) there maybe a better show 2) there maybe a show closer to home 3) there maybe a cheaper show 4) there maybe a show with artists I know/like/prefer 5) there maybe a show that people know better 5) I may not have enough inventory 6) I may not be good enough 7) I may be too good 8) oops - I forgot to submit (is there still space???)

Then, like magic in the last 2-3 days that submissions are open (1 minute before on the last day), the organizer (me) gets flooded with applications many missing crucial information while the artists rush to get in under the wire. Trying to get the info is a challenge and some people get down right snarky when a week after closing they answer and you have to tell them too late! You didn't actually complete the application so I have no idea what you create, what size a space you are looking for . . . and like a cat looking for food there is loud meowing.

I'm going to leave part 2 of this until later. I have to go herd more cats.